Keeping positive during lockdown

Updated: May 24, 2020

What keeps me positive through lockdown;

Lockdown has been challenge for many of us; not being able to see family and friends, not being able to do the things we love and the overall stress and worry that surrounds it.

Here are a few tips on things I have been doing in lockdown to keep myself positive…

1) Exercising! Whether this is going for a walk, yoga or a high intensity workout. The key is to keep your body moving and mind busy- you’ll feel amazing afterwards!

2) Do jobs you’ve been putting off! Now is the perfect time to do all those jobs you keep putting off! Have you been meaning to re-organise your wardrobe? Or re-vamp the garden. Get it done - you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished so much!

3) Take some time for yourself! This is the time to focus on you! Go for a walk, read a book, paint your nails! Do something that makes you feel good!

4) Have a pamper night! Light your Ivy Light candle (I suggest the calming Lavender and Chamomile), put on a facemask, run yourself a bubble bath and relax! If anyone deserves it, you do!

5) Try to avoid looking at news articles/social media posts that make you feel negative! Positive vibes only! If someone’s page doesn’t make you feel positive simply un-follow them.

6) Reach out to friends and family, it is important to stay in touch whether that's by having a telephone call, texting or video call.

7) Lastly have hope! There are brighter days coming, have hope and look forward to the future! You’ve got this!

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